“Serious Is, as Serious Does”

The other day,  when I was posting this PHOTO of   Great Grand-Son, “LEX” – I knew, as I was caught  by that  stare of  little “LEX”  that,  I had seen this very same look,  somewhere  but,  just could not remember where,  and only after looking over some of the other POSTS – ran across the matching PHOTO.

… NOW,    check out this face… and the face of  big Sister, “Alyssa”, watching over her new  little baby sister, “JAIME” – see if there isn’t something similar,  there being a  likeness or very strong  resemblance in the face.

http://fourgrandmas.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/img155.jpgThere is defiantly something in those eyes  – that is thinking  about the time and situation – and only in their eyes and in and on their mind are the words – but, because they are too young – just can not express in words for us to hear and or to know.

People go to  “Museums” for all sorts of reasons, but some just to study  our cultural heritage, and or to preserve and promote   the source  of cultural heritage, – but I think – there are some people that just like to sit and gaze at the faces of different people and try to figure out – just by looking at the face – “What in the world was on the mind of this person” as they  are sitting for hours,  just to have their portrait made for millions of people to just come  later in time of years, and stare at the “Portrait faces”  for hours on ends.

Everyone that looks long at a  “PHOTO” has some idea of what they are seeking – maybe a “re-union”  in their minds of what could have been – or maybe,  what would we be doing, “If we were still together” or maybe, “Did you really do all that  they  say and is now  printed in the  “History Books” or is, all of  that  just a lot of  “malarkey?”

“Come to think about it – there are a million questions that one can ask  and wonder about – while just looking at old Photos,  and even the new ones – just taken days ago?”   D.V.

“For generations to come – the  top Photo  of  little  baby, “LEX” is the son of   “Alyssa, my Grand-daughter” – and “Little Master LEX, is my  “Great Grand-son” and,  I am so grateful and Thankful to the Almighty Yahweh, for all of the most wonderful gifts – that He only,  can  provide for  us, His children!”

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