“Celebrate the 4th of July, all week”

“Independence Day”

Listening to radio station 91.5 FM,  “The Complete Story” for their July 4th,   program, was  once again a terrific program,  that I just had to hear each time,  each day   as scheduled this week.

This year’s program  emphasized  the importance of using the correct name for  the   “4th of  July”   as  it  is our  “Independence Day”   and we should be proud to say so!

In the first few minutes  a  song, that  we should be singing more often  was performed by someone whose name I am sorry  I did not write down  but his rendition  of  “America the Beautiful”  –  with those  powerful words we need to sing,  “God shed His grace on thee”  are for sure  a prayer.  The whole song and the words are  really  a prayer,  that as a kid,  I remember singing in grade school, but never  much, again?   Why  is that?

The finishing touch of the program was absolutely the best, as  it was the year before.  

I just love to hear,  “Sandi Patty” sing the  “Star-Spangled Banner!”   Her rendition  of our National Anthem is the absolute best of all  the singers,  that I  have heard!  Her voice is so beautiful and she hits those  notes,  right on, a  most perfect gift from  our  Almighty Creator, himself!

When I was listening,  the “goose-bumps”   and hair standing on end,  just so  “spine-chilling”  just  a most  wonderful voice, a “GIFT”  from the “Almighty” and  to be able  to make such beautiful music.  I will have to make an effort to find my tapes, that I purchased some time ago, with the above songs,  and play them more often!

“God Bless America” another favorite song of mine,  and may the Almighty  continue to BLESS all of the AMERICAN people  – Now and Forever,  who will continue to  sing  “praises  to your Name!”      D.V.

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