“Fees for THIS and FEES for THAT”

“Everyone has – FEES… My FEE Chart…”img010

Just noticed on the calendar, this week is the week to celebrate the  “DUMB Question”  asking?

  So, I figure with all of the  “DUMB  questions” that I receive,  may as well display my  “FEE CHART” just so,  that when you get that  “DUMB LOOK”  back to you, you will NOW,  know –  that  – this is  the result coming  from my official PRICE LIST,  that I have posted, for all to see and read, when they enter   into my office!

My “PRICE LIST” is at least,  forty years old (40)  and that is only a wild guess,  so you know that it is old,  as you can see by the color.  Also, those prices are so cheap, where in the world can you go and receive correct answers for only  $2.15 ?

If you want good and correct information,  well  – as you know, everybody is charging you an arm and a leg!     So now, No more …el cheapo info…!

So,  what I thought, that I would do, is to wait and let some answers come in, just letting me know, what new and higher prices,  should I put on “MY PRICE LIST”  since everyone is charging so much more?

Just   for the same old stuff you purchased years ago,  NOW  and today you are receiving half the size and less in any liquids in  bottles.  Did you take  notice, that those bottles have a new design,  a nice high  arch inside the bottom of the bottle, it  almost looks  like the same size as before,  but today,  it has  HALF as much and the price is also  much HIGHER!

“PACKAGE  DESIGNERS” have a terrific job today.   It is called  “Deceiving the PUBLIC.”  Everything that is being sold is the same old thing, nothing really  new.  

The requirements for this “JOB”  is to make  the package  to look like the old,  good “FULL SIZE”  of years ago past!  But, to make the contents half  as much, and put that smaller amount in this  “NEW  package” that is now, more valuable than the actual  contents.

It is really a CRIME, the way that the “PUBLIC”  is being cheated at any store, in AMERICA.  Either the general “PUBLIC” is so  unaware of the changes in the packaging, or perhaps they  are all  MILLIONAIRES. 

It also could be  that,   everyone shopping is on FOOD STAMPS,  and the  PRICE on anything  that they want and or need,  has no bearing at all,  in the relation to all of us that  being “OVER-CHARGED!”

How do we get  all of AMERICA,  to wake up, maybe  smell the ROSES, and find out,  that  today,  that you can not afford to buy anything!  Those “FAKE  SALES” advertising  of  “buy one get one free,”  does anyone,  stop to do the MATH?   There is  “NO FREE LUNCH”  not anywhere, and not  at all!

“My “DUMB LOOKS”  – are still FREE!  Let me know,  how you like them?

Step 1: What’s Dumb Question Week?
  1. Call 2 friends and ask if they’re Ready for Dumb Question Week using a phone
  2. Sit on a couch and Think Up Dumb Questions
  3. Clear Online Calendar using a computer

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