“First Long Distance Airline Trip by Myself”

      “Before Long I’ll Be Flying!”img027

“The best thing about being on “VACATION” with your parents is visiting places like this!”

“Now I have an idea of what I want to learn to do, when I get a little older. “I want to FLY!”

“When I was eighteen months old,  I took my first commercial   Airline trip all by myself,   from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Eastern Airline  scheduled  to land  at  the Lambert Airport in Saint Louis, Missouri.”

I was treated as “ROYALTY!”  Maybe, I just let everyone know how much I was enjoying the trip and everything that everyone was doing was just for Me.” 

“My father, a Saint Louis Detective,  had just had emergency surgery, and now, I was going to see him and, am I ever so  glad  that everything  had turned out,   “A” “OKAY!”     D.V.

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