“1-4-3-2- Over and Out, Roger”

Some time ago, well now that I think about it – could be at least a good forty years ago, some radio program, that I was listening to, gave information  on, how to communicate with others incognito?

I started paying attention, as I was starting to go out with someone,  that I kinda, took a shine too – and we did call each other, via the phone. This is the time way before the current “cell” phone system.

When I think back to those days – this friend could really dance.  Just exactly,  the way I liked to dance and to find someone that you can move on that DANCE FLOOR, with – well – in my case – keeping in touch was the name of the game! He asked if he could call me at work, from time to time – to see if we could meet, maybe have something to eat and go dancing? Sure did sound good to me!

Of course, when someone will call you at your workplace, more than likely, they are calling “YOU” from their workplace. So, after awhile the word “LOVE” comes up when you are about to hang up. It sometimes happens, that at work, there are other people in hearing range of your conversation, and you want to say, “I LOVE YOU” – but with a million ears to hear – you try to whisper and it just does not come across the way it should!

When this radio program started with a person using “Numbers” for “Letters” of the alphabet – just in case you wanted to say something that no one would know exactly what you were saying, I picked up on this info,  with all of my ears!

So, the very next time we met, I had to pass on my secret code of information and exactly our secret  was loud and clear.

“I Love YOU”  in numbers  is: 1-4-3- and just as I was saying that, just thought that anyone could figure out, what I was saying. Then inspiration just came and hit me in the head. This “code” was just for me! The more I thought about it, those numbers are almost the numbers on my house,  where I was now living for twenty-five years!  “TERRIFIC” all I need to do is add on the “2” and just say as sweet as I can,  “1432 to you too!”

How in the world could anyone ever forget some of the “sweetest” words ever spoken – one to another –  and with the very same feelings?   “1-4-3-2-”  or  “I LOVE YOU, TOO” – and to think of it – no one knows what you are for sure saying – even though you are smiling and the tone of your voice is so sweet and thinking of all good and pleasant things to come in the future!

Since  then, my friend has left this EARTH  – for a much better place,  but  “1-4-3-2-” has always stayed with me and of course after  so many years of using that “code” –  anyone that knows me, they will use it, too –  when ever we meet and or use the phone”

“But, for FUN and GAMES  talk -I also will add on “Rodger Dodger” be sure, he gets the message,  as that is just to put mystery to the ending conversation – to those that listen in – and wonder, “What in the world – are those “NUTS” talking about?”

This PHOTO is from the above  “TIME-FRAME” when the dancing,  was what you would do to keep in that good shape!

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