“Picnic Time in JULY”

Today… it is just a little on the cool side – as the weather finally decided to let us know,  what it feels like when it turns to “FALL” time.

This first PHOTO is of the daughters of Ralph Stanley,  and I do remember one of their names, that  being “Denise”  and guessing the elder of the two.  “Whoever” that is , standing inside the Apartment Building Door – is unknown – but could be one of their older brothers?

 We are on our yearly trip,  up from Fort Lauderdale Florida – for a month vacation time – to visit with all of the FAMILY. We did stay with the “Stanley Family” for part of the time – as they were so close to all of our regular friends and FAMILY – giving us all time to be together – for as long as we could.

 This table is being set-up for the children, as some of the children at the table are  “Stanley’s” and there is my young son, Lee but unable to tell if that is him sitting there, or not?

Standing with the white shirt on,  is Ralph Stanley and he could be talking with Harry Aldrich, the eldest of the Aldrich-Stanley  Families. In the black swimsuit is Mrs. Stanley and her first name is “Cathy” and barely on this PHOTO is “Catherine” wife of  Harry Aldrich.  (I am not sure of  the spelling of the first names – I think that, there  is a difference – so that we all know who we are referring too.)

This PHOTO is better of the “Stanley’s” standing on the left of that tree, and to the right side  is Harry Aldrich the owner of the “Aldrich Roofing Company” – and just  a little taller and behind Harry is my husband, Lee,Sr. retired from the Police Department.

There were more with us for this  “PICNIC” as you can see several cars sitting around – but without a picture and names – cannot recall – as we did do this PICNIC Trip several times – just a great way for more of the FAMILY to get together – and remember all of the GOOD TIMES – just as if they happened yesterday!

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