“Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow” “Maybe SomeDAY”

  •  It use to be, as I remember maybe  thirty or forty years ago, that on the Radio Station KMOX they would play the “Lord’s Prayer”  in the early morning hours, as you would be getting up for the day – and while I was getting ready to go to work.
  • We would sing along – and now that I think of it – things just had a way – of going along just fine!

Even before that time frame – when I was just a young girl, in the 1940’s the same RADIO station KMOX  would have singer, “Kate Smith” on at high NOON and those were the WWII years and all of America was doing their part to help the WAR effort all that they could by doing without,  so that,  our servicemen would have all that they needed.

“Miss Kate Smith” came on the radio at “Twelve Noon”  and would sing, “God Bless AMERICA”  and we all listen with a prayer in our hearts – that the WAR would soon – be over – over there!

Today, we all think that we are, all so well off – doing so much better than in those days –  and as most that were living then, are no longer here, and there are so few,  that will pass on a good word or two, of what we had and  all that we did do,  to help AMERICA to now be, the wonderful  Country, that SHE is TODAY!

Back then, there was only  the RADIO, maybe a “Shortwave Radio” here and there, no television, not  even a thought of, as  we were all working for the WAR effort, and AMERICA was more UNITED – than it is today!

TODAY,  we are not united as AMERICANS should be.  We have communications that keep our eyes tied to them – as you see people walk into street signs and posts, fall into holes and even  some wreck their cars, running into other cars, even killing with their carelessness and no respect for others, as we are all in the wrong spot,  according to another.

Respect; a due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others, a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

Years ago, you would not talk like you are doing so  today, about the President or your elders. The radio and television would not broadcast the trash that they  are doing today, about the President. We never heard about any of the things that were going on, as I guess there were insiders in charge of keeping  a respectful organized attitude about what AMERICA is doing and will do for all the world to see and know about.

My feeling is that we need help in AMERICA. We need to put the “Ten Commandments” and Prayer back into the Schools as the Teachers want to close the Schools – the students are not there to learn, but only there to do that which, they want to do – to their  fellow students and  the teachers. No one wants to work out a plan  that will work, because so many people think everything has to be, only  their way or the highway!

Everyone has some talents to do something important, while they are here on EARTH –  but, we all have to learn to “give and take” – there is no longer everything only for some – and nothing for others. It is a time to share and share alike. Like we did during those days that  we all worked for the “War Effort” – and there  were lots of us – that did with very little, but we knew, that someday it will be GREAT for all of us – as we learn to do our part in sharing and enjoying, that we are a part in something, that will be so great,  in the future for all!       D.V.

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