“Remembering an Extra Special Paratrooper”

We do need to always remember all of our young men, that have enter into the SERVICE of their choice – to serve and protect AMERICA – no matter where they may be needed.

and…  Since  it is November, the month that  we all will take some special time to stop and think about the situation in the World ,  we will be remembering  as far back as we can those times when America was called on, to do her part in other parts of the World.   

This Photo could be early 1960’s timeframe and that is my brother,  “Tom” sitting right  and about to take a puff, as this could be “intermission” time at his table – for this picture to be taken  of TOM  and his fellow Paratroopers, as you can see that they  all  waiting to hear – all of  his wondrous activities.

   Tom more than likely  was doing,  that which he does naturally – keeping everyone highly entertained with stories and jokes that only he can do with such flair – that you are just sitting back, with ears wide opened to catch every silly  word,  as only TOM can deliver – and your eyes are all over him- as you just do not want to miss any wild  and entertaining  moves, that he will  be making  – while you and the crowd are dying with laughter.

Getting back to November,  and remembering that this PHOTO was taken a long time ago, let us not forget all those young men – as there may have been some  – that may not have returned back from Germany – as Tom was there for a good part of the tour of duty,  as he was in the SERVICE around the same time as “Elvis Presley” – and now is a good time to remember by giving THANKS to the ALMIGHTY for bringing our young men back home,  and for always keeping them,  with those that will always LOVE them and be grateful, for all that they did, when they were  very young and very BRAVE!

PS – “Just have to say this – I could never ever  understand, why anyone would want to drop out, of a perfectly good flying airplane – do they, not know that the ground is very hard and that you could hurt yourself  – if –  you do not have an ANGEL –  by your side, and all the way, down!”        D.V.

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