“Me…With Inquiring Eyes Wants to Know”

For as long as I can remember… this Photo taken of me…was hanging in place where everyone could see everyday. The wall outside  and on the right  of my bedroom is where this PHOTO  was hanging with little ole “ME” just  looking up and wondering… because what else does it look like I am doing  or thinking of doing?

Looks like all I was doing… is growing older and with the years going by… I was gradually turning brown with age in the frame… just hate to see what would happen if I opened up this frame… would I just fall out and into a hundred old pieces?

In LIFE… you might say that we are young and vibrant… full of energy and enthusiasm, but when we are left alone in and  on a small high and elevated  space … doing nothing at all exciting, just minding our own business, going nowhere, just maybe existing a stagnant life style… it seems that then… you are forever just looking up and maybe toward something that you might like… but just never comes a knocking at your door!

BUT… On the other hand… when the Photographer said, “LOOK THIS WAY”  and then snaps  “YOU” with full attention to getting that expression of the “gift of gab” in motion – he snapped a “PRIZE WINNER” photograph… if ever I saw one!

Here’s the story… from wherever my DADDY had been… re rushes  home  tells my MOM that he is taking my a place  for a PHOTO  CONTEST of babies… and grabs “ME” from the playpen!

My Mother wants to clean me up…maybe put some nice clothes on and whatever it would take to make me look more presentable for a PHOTO!

No time for such foolishness, and I am now  in DADDY’s arm and out the door and into the automobile and  in the 1930’s there were  no laws about children being put into a seatbelt or any other restriction as to how fast to drive … when a small child is in the front seat… and the driver is going way past all posted speed limits… because he wants his child to be entered into a “BABY PHOTO CONTEST” right NOW!

Beside the “BLUE RIBBON” and my PHOTO being in Color and in a frame that hung over the FIREPLACE for everyone and anyone to see… that is the full results of being a first place blue ribbon award winner. More than that I do not know… the PHOTO  hung … and I do believe that when you are in a house for years and years… you really have no idea of what is on the wall… no one  sees it and no one cares… there is never any conversation  about  what no one sees… any more!

After all is said and done… it good to think about the old pictures  that hang on the walls… that no one even gives a second thought about and never thinks to ask anyone a question regarding?

Just have to gives THANKS for my “Fifteen Minutes” of  public recognition… today everyone is doing something and some times for the wrong reasons – but this Photo of ME – is a terrific feeling that I had at a young age – come to think of it – I did not even know and or understand any thing about it at the time!    D.V.

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