“Thy Will Be Done…Prayer”

“Worth While Words”

Elizabeth Elliot

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We were taught the prayer  from the BIBLE… The “Our Father” and through the many years said it just as we were taught. 

 But for some reason or the other… as I was saying it slowly and carefully thinking about the words as I was thinking…  it just dawn on me… that one line that makes all the difference in the world… as to WHY … we do not receive…  all that we put on  our PRAYER List of personal WANTS…

Of which so many are not right for the times – and we have too many  personal selfish requests… that are not right for  TODAY TIMES… and there is no way that … OUR FATHER  … who is in HEAVEN … would ever dream of sending the crazy  list  of stuff that we think… that we need!     “JUST NO WAY!”

Start to say the “Our FATHER” slowly… think about the words as this is a Prayer of wants and needs and  a petition for others that we LOVE and want help for their needs, too!

Our earnest request is for something important, but if it is not  to be in the “wlil of  our CREATOR”  because this is HIS CREATION … the earth where we are living… and if that which we are requesting is not for the  everlasting good and a  most favorable request… it will never ever be answered.

So… I feel that we think about the words we use in our PRAYERS… and when we say… Thy KIngdom Come…  Thy WILL be Done… while thinking of the request that I am praying for and thinking…is this really the best thing this person needs…I will request that part of the Prayer… several times!

What I am asking our CREATOR… is  only and if this request that I am making is for the true good of the situation and… if it is for sure… in line with the times to come about… only then  Almighty Yahweh.. do I want this request, because YOU may have a much better answer to this situation, one  that in  and on the present horizon – and since I do not know that far into  the advancing  TIME  – You have the final say… to work this request or just cancel it… YOUR WILL Be DONE!

Just so glad that at some times in my busy LIFE… I stop and take a time-out… with a little more of some very  slow  and thoughtful thinking about the situations of today.. and only  can ask… but… You already know… what is best for me and the whole wide world… and no sense in my request throwing a “clinker” into the situation!     D.V.

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