“Watch and Share this IMPORTANT Message – TODAY”

If you are  an American… living in America, and are PROUD  to be an AMERICAN… then this message will answer all of  those  questions that  you may or may not have had.. so  be a very  good AMERICAN Ambassador… you will know  just exactly to whom … the above message needs to be sent to! 

I feel that when you are living in a Country that you will either LOVE it… or Leave  it… therefore…listen and watch the above… pass this message on to others… as you will want all your neighbors to also LOVE the Land of our FATHERS and you will then pass this important message on  of our great AMERICA on to all of our generations that will be following!

Do it NOW… with Pride… knowing that… we all live in this GREAT AMERICA… the LAND of the FREE and  HOME of the BRAVE!    D.V.

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