“Brother TOM’s Birthday is around the Corner”

Just looking at some nice PHOTOS  of  beautiful flowers that are growing in my little brother Tom’s garden… and they are all just so beautiful… in fact so beautiful… that I do believe that Tom has a green thumb!

So… after looking and giving some thought… remembered an old saying from the Bible…

 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.  …..Proverbs 22;6 (KJV)

So… I started looking for an old PHOTO of little Tommy…that I remember…  that he is holding a little  “garden” hand shovel, but as it is… I can not find it  fast enough NOW… but do have one of little TOMMY and without  his little digging tool!

and…  With this… a much later PHOTO… you can see that “BIG and Older TOM” is using  a “TOOL”  NOW… suited for  growing  more beautiful flowers in his yard and wherever he finds a nice place to plant … that which is  an award  Winning Garden… so much so… that even the Newspapers had do a story on him and his wife Rose … as I do believe that TOM does have a genuine GREEN Thumb!

Thinking about  “Brother TOM” just have to give THANKS… to the Almighty because… He gave to TOMMY so many wonderful GIFTS early in LIFE… and it is good to see that  as a little TOMMY… all of the talents did not go to waste… TOM realized early on… that he had what it takes to follow that path that was set before him and  therefore… by staying on the very best and  correct course… Tom is a WINNER.

You know that  you did good… when you did that which was in that  plan of LIFE  just for you to do… and so  you received a  terrific  reward   NOW … of being able to say…”I’m  the big   “80” on the thirteenth… that is a Lucky day for ME!”

Wishing   for TOM… to have many Blessings  to come and for a nice long life to enjoy with Family and Friends… forever    D.V.

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  • Kevin Mcclarren says:

    Such a great piece of writing and history. I see D.V. At the end of the article. What does that stand for ?

    It was great to see you and your family at the party yesterday.

    May God bless you and family. Thank you so much for your blog.

    Love Kevin

    • Mary Ellen says:

      Thanks for the “wonderful” reply – – and to answer your question… D.V. means, and I use it as a means of asking the Almighty ‘s approval of what I may be writing… Latin (ˈdeɪəʊ vɒˈlɛntɪ) God willing. Abbreviation: DV.

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