“Happy Birthday with BLESSINGS to Brother TOMMY”

Have to first of all give THANKS to “CHRISSY” for the wonderful 80th BIRTHDAY PARTY arrangements for our “Mr. WONDERFUL, himself…. also  for the terrific selection of desserts … just what the doctor ordered for those … like ME that likes desserts… also for taking good care of all of the Guests… as everyone did have a wonderful time!

In this first Photo… that is “Chrissy” standing  to the right… and leading all of  us…  in the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” song to her DAD… aka “Mr. Wonderful!”    xoxo

Mary Ellen Aldrich “The “BANNER” tells the story… that our “MR. Wonderful is the big … “80”  years old and this is a special BIRTHDAY Party for him”    xoxo

Mary Ellen Aldrich “With the glow of the candles… everyone getting  ready for the signal to start singing… nice… loud and clear down to GRAND AVENUE… just to let the whole wide world know… Mr. Wonderful is now … the Big “80”… and is in fine shape… ready for a run around the block”    xoxo

Mary Ellen Aldrich “This is a terrific shot of the “BANNER” – –all RED…WHITE…BLUE… with the “80” in GREEN… to grow many more years… on”     xoxo

Mary Ellen Aldrich “Hip.. Hip…Hooray… for Mr. Wonderful, himself…… just letting some in the audience know … his NAME… is on his shirt” xoxo

  • Mary Ellen Aldrich “This was a terrific BIRTHDAY PARTY for little brother TOMMY… aka “Mr. Wonderful” xoxo
    Mary Ellen Aldrich    “I am here with Cherrie… Tom’s youngest daughter … and I was so Lucky to meet all of her family – just a “WONDERFUL” time”    xoxo

Mary Ellen Aldrich “Can you believe… that there was a day… and not too long ago… that we were both the same height… what happens over time” xoxo

“A very good time was had by all!” 

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  • Cherie Roberson says:

    So glad you could be there to share in the fun.

    • Mary Ellen says:

      It has been a long time since I saw you … so it was so terrific to see all of your family… to see the real live people I see so often on FB… and Mr. Wonderful has always been the same Mr. Wonderful, himself! Thanks for the comment. Love and Blessings to all!

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