“A BIG Happy Birthday to Mr. Wonderful”

When you ring a doorbell… do you always receive a “WONDERFUL” wellcome like  this?

Image may contain: Tom McClarren, smiling

This is my little brother “TOMMY” and would  you believe… that he  is NOW … the big “80” years of age! The whole wide world would be a real  and truly happy place… if all of us would answer their doorbell with   such a wonderful big smile with  a big welcome to his home as he does… as he is well admired…  as his smile says marvelous things… just to let you know he is glad to see you… and he loves to share the LOVE  he has … for everyone!

Since everyone thinks my little brother, TOMMY is wonderful and some have “Mr. Wonderful” embroidered on shirts for him… he still continues to live up to being that wonderful person… that we all like and admired.

“Mr. Wonderful” celebrates  today … just the day before Valentine’s Day… his 80th Birthday as  to be a wonderful person… someone we all LOVE and are so happy to   be related to and or even a good friend … and with his BIRTHDAY   on the thirteenth of February… no wonder we celebrate “Valentine’s Day on the fourteenth as there is so much LOVE  to share with the most wonderful friends  that we  all have… but especially since my brother TOMMY shares the LOVE of being  “WONDERFUL” all year long?

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TOMMY… just happens to be born on Lucky “13”… which makes for you to be… Mr. Wonderful, too!”

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  • Cherie Roberson says:

    This is wonderful!

    • Mary Ellen says:

      “When someone is looking to buy property…I think it would be a good idea to check out some of the “NEW” neighbors to be… If they are as friendly as “MR. Wonderful” when answering the Doorbell – you know you will always LOVE your neighbor” xoxo

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