“Lucky Lex reaches the 26th MONTH Today”

“Beautiful day to wish “Lucky LEX” a  Happy 26th-month” birthday!

It just so happens that in all of my years… here on Earth…I do not know of another person having a BIRTHDAY  on the seventh of any month!

I have heard of people calling out, “Come on Lucky  Seven”… and it is now hard to remember just exactly where that was?

Have to put on my thinking cap… wish I had one…if it would help… I just might think about investing in one?

Where in the world do they “wish” for “seven” to be LUCKY?

When we lived in Florida… we would go to the Horse races and the Greyhound racing and Jai Alai… all places that would require that you were “LUCKY” and if not… you could lose your shirt!

My husband, Lee was called “LUCKY LEE” as he was generally “LUCKY”. When he would go to the race track…Lee would ask me what I would like and how much would it cost… so he would know how much he should bring back home, from the “Winnings” … for whatever it would be that I had wanted.

Lee often said, “If I call you on the phone to pick me up…hurry to the location I give you… as I have won too much and would not be able to get home safe…unless you were to show up for me!”

Lee was the only really LUCKY person that I know of… and am guessing that… our “Little Lex” born on the BIG LUCKY “seventh” just maybe… that something extra to help him to be LUCKY, too!

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