“Little Miss Ruby is Four Month’s Old”

Alyssa Leverenz
Ruby is 4 months old today! 🦋
Spring is in bloom, and this baby is blossoming into an alert, smiley, laughy girl who now has the ability to roll over!
She’s up to 15 lbs of preciousness and has such a dignified demeanor – in true princess fashion. Lol
She’s our ruby ray of sunshine ev-er-y day... 🎶🌞🌈💓
Jill E. Rempala
EV-ER-Y Day💞💖 Such a ray of sunshine ☀️ My heart is overflowing 💖💞💞🙌🏼 Happy 4 months Lil’ Angel
Mary Ellen Aldrich
“Congratulations to the sweet little Ruby” xoxo
Emily Bay
Happy 4 months, sweet Ruby!!! 💖
Janis Mitchell Bilderback
Ruby is adorable! Love he😃💛
David Lewis
Y’all be making the cutest of babies😎👉👉
Mary Ellen Aldrich
“Little Miss Ruby is…as Miss Ruby does… just terrific… if I say so myself” xoxo

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