Pre Flight Test!

AA 001How’s the  “AIR”  up there? This is Cape Canaveral, Florida  –  on our way to  Merrit Island  to visit cousin  Jimmie Brady Shilling.

I remember  – as if it was just yesterday  –  driving up the  Florida Highway  coast and  far enough away from home   stopping for breakfast. We  started our day nice and early, just so we could stop at a restaurant  other than our own.

We were planning on staying a week and enjoying the  swimming at  Jimmy’s  place on  Merrit Island.  They had spent sometime  at our home in Ft.Lauderdale  – and said to come up to their place and plan on sight-seeing.

That is Al Aldrich  –  near or just 2 years of age.  Al made a solo trip from Ft.Lauderdale  to St.Louis, MO   via Eastern Air Lines  at the age of eighteen months.   He is a licensed pilot today   –   Helicopters his favorite!

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