“Listen – You just May be in Heaven”

If you are someone … that is wanting to go to HEAVEN, worry no more, I will put you there when you…  that’s right… you can just sit back!… Enjoy!


“Heaven” is available…”

Sometimes in LIFE – we feel like we need something and we just are not sure of what…  – what that  “need”  is that is making noises inside of us??

If we do not do something about it… that … gnawing feeling  – if we feel that we can do everything ourselves – when really we know that we can not – we all know of friends and relatives who develop  all kinds of  – accidents – boils – cancers – and diseases – and they may not really have anything wrong with them – they just have not taken a few minutes  – all alone – time to meditate on the “here-after” – maybe even “HEAVEN” –  just a few minutes to daydream – meditate  or whatever you might call up  admiration and or  amazement of the mind – and  to  let something new and interesting come into your mind and your total existence…  making a corrective  change  for the better –  – try checking out  – the above music and you could  even – maybe heal yourself  –   just by thinking that you are now in “HEAVEN!”

My brother, “Tommy” has sent the above wonderful surprise…     D.V.

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