“America Needs some Blood Running in Her Heart”

When I think back to when WWII  was front and center in the early 1940s… all AMERICANS were signing up and doing whatever there was that they could do… that would also keep everyone encouraged to work even harder… because,  we all wanted this WAR over… “Over There!”

This music had something about it… that just makes you want to turn into a “SuperMan” and do whatever is necessary and  just as fast as you can… to do whatever your part will be… to get FREEDOM for all Nations and do it NOW!

Johnnie get your gun, get your gun, get your gun,
Take it on the run, on the run, on the run,
Hear them calling you and me,
Ev’ry son of liberty.
Hurry right away, no delay, go today,
Make your daddy glad to have had such a lad,
Tell your sweetheart not to pine,
To be proud her boy’s in line.

Over there over there
Send the word, send the word over there
That the Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming,
The drums rum-tumming ev’rywhere
So prepare say a pray’r
Send the word, send the word to beware
We’ll be over, we’re coming over,
And we won’t come back till it’s over over there!

Johnnie get your gun, get your gun, get your gun,
Johnnie show the Hun you’re a son of a gun,
Hoist the flag and let her fly,
Yankee Doodle do or die.
Pack your little kit, show your grit, do your bit,
Yankees to the ranks from the towns and the tanks,
Make your mother proud of you
And the old Red White and Blue.


This recording is so old… but even so… just to hear George M. Cohan sing it… even at my age… I would be willing to sign up to do my part … for FREEDOM of all AMERICANS… right NOW!

My Daddy had already put in six years in the ARMY and when AMERICA was needing men again… he would make … in our kitchen… Fudge candy and Divinity Candy as my brothers and I would get to be the testers and we sure did enjoy this whole process.

Daddy would box up several boxes  and mail to those locations that will pass on to our Service Men and Women. When Daddy was in the Army… his Mother often  sent to him special “Home Made Cakes” and since most of them turned into boxes of lots of sweet crumbs… he decided small boxes of candy  would ship better.

Another important thing that we would all do… would be to see every “Parade” in the Saint Louis rea…something about showing the young men in uniform that … all of us at HOME were with each SERVICEMEN and WOMEN… with our LOVE and in Spirit as we went to Church every Sunday and were praying for  AMERICA  to make a quick end to this needless WAR!

There is something  very powerful in the music and the words… like in the above song…  “OVER THERE. ” Everyone knew the words and could belt that song out so loud and clear… it was a PRAYER and also… just as if we  were dropping  bombs on  those Countries  that wanted to bomb all those parts of the world that did not want to fight and lose their FREEDOM!

It seems to me… that we need some powerful songs that all Americans can sing together… with a message clear and dear to all of the hearts of AMERICANS… we all want FREEDOM and PEACE to live healthy and well together… without that “Trojan Horse” that is silently being usher in our back door!

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