“See EYE to EYE and TOE to TOE”

AND … Up and AWAY We Go….

Come to think of it… this must be where little baby Al… got the first feelings that he could FLY!

When you are in the strong hands of your Father… and he is able to FLY you through the room and even take you to the Living Room mirror… just for you to see… for yourself… that when you feel like it… you can always FLY high above everything and anything … here on Earth!

What a wonderful time you and Daddy were having flying and laughing and just having so much FUN…I just had to get the camera and catch a couple of pictures with you both laughing and flying around the house… just as if you were miles high in the clear Blue Sky above!

Flying just comes natural to some people… I guess when they start early in LIFe … just as you did … it is easy  and so much fun.

As I posted pictures of you when  you arrived at the Lambert Airport… having made that solo trip and only being eighteen months at the time and never cried and was happy all the way… while the Eastern Airline Hostess  would keep their eyes on you… being sure that your were safe and happy all through that long trip from Florida to Missouri.

No wonder that when you were in High School that you decided to start learning  all about Flying and started taking lessons… and in no time at all … you took your “Solo” Flying test and have been Flying ever since.

That is… I believe the one thing that everyone likes to see and hear about… young people deciding on something that they like to do… work and study how to do that thing to perfection… get their License and continue doing and or working in that  specified field… and if possible sticking with it… for all the rest of their LIFE!

And the topping on the “CAKE” is when you can say that members in the family also see that field of enterprise working  for you and since it is so interesting then, they also would like to do that which you are doing… most of the family is also involved in the same field of business…  you have encouraged  all to take to the SKY!

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