“From Back then Remembering Some Good Times”

“Just One More” before…

Some days… just require “you” to look good in your uniform… as there will be persons that you  may not really know…  but they want a PHOTO remembrance of that day… that they were somewhere extra special… and they were able to entice a good looking “POLICE Officer” to just be in a PHOTO with them…  so that they can tell all of their friends…  that this “POLICE OFFICER”  was the best thing that happened into their LIFE… “he” was so very nice, cool, calm, collected, courteous and not bad looking and someone to remember… for always!

 This is at the old “Ball Park”

Are…  YOU old enough to remember? 

 “The old …Sportsman’s Park …  at the northwest corner of Grand Boulevard and Dodier Street, on the north side of the city.

Originally called the Grand Avenue Ball Grounds and later, Sportsman’s Park, the ballpark was opened as early as 1867. It was first used as an open lot for baseball in the 1860s, and as a result, many different parks have called this place home.

The site hosted the St. Louis Brown Stockings in the American League(later the St. Louis Browns, before the team moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles) and the Cardinals in the National League. For more than a half-century, the city of St. Louis was home to both professional baseball franchises, and they shared Sportsman’s Park for 33 seasons.



Here is another of those job assignments that our POLICE OFFICERS   partake of … since we have large crowds of people to attend different  functions in and around the Saint Louis area… and at all times of the day and evening… we do need to have someone  with authority to direct the driving traffic and have streets open for walking traffic… otherwise how in the world would the  “special Attraction” be attended in an orderly manner…  without good and correct direction to where and how to PARK vehicles and  also have safe ways for the walking traffic.

“Without our good POLICE Force…  we would have  “Mass Chaos”  so in order to enjoy good entertainment  and  other large gatherings of large crowds of people… we really do need the best POLICE FORCE to make our “Day of FUN” … remembered as a day that was so enjoyable…  we will keep PHOTO memories…  forever!

“Day after… Tomorrow is the big day, LEE… “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”  as we will be remembering you… forever!”     D.V.


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