“Get READY for Lee’s BIRTHDAY on Saturday”

“Lee, Sr.’s BIRTHDAY coming up, soon”

“Remembering Lee Aldrich and his brothers”

“This is a memory of Lee, my husband… when we came to Missouri for our vacation a long time ago…  also in this PHOTO  are  Lee’s brothers… and NOW they are all together and in HEAVEN…  and I’ll bet…doing the same thing  just enjoying being together!

           “PICNIC TIME in MISSOURI”

The weather  right NOW in Missouri  is just  HOT enough, so that everyone who wants  to have a good TIME, will pack a lunch and  some assorted cold beverages in the  trunk just to keep the “Whistle wet” … not forgetting  all of the best of  meat and vegetables  to put on that  “Bar-b-Que” with any and all kinds of  extra special side treats!

We all plan on having lots of Fun … catching up on all of  the NEWS  of the day… as  some stuff we did not take time to pass on…to each other while on the phone (back then…it cost an arm and a leg… for long distance telephone  operators… to connect you to the called party).

And as  always…  for our Picnics… there were  some games we have planned on playing, and finally,  the “OUR”  just personal  resting time,  after all of the hard work and overworked bones,  we will be  sitting in lawn chairs comfortable,  to eat in the shade of the trees,  and every so often,  take a running leap into the Lake,  and just having   lots of TIME, to make memories, to remember forever,  of our having  lots of  FUN!


The men in the ALDRICH  FAMILY are doing the  heavy unloading of all of  the cars,  putting food and  drinks into those areas,  for the right person to take care of,  and as  they will be needed …  for  our guests, as well as for all of the cooking and prep work!

Starting on the left, and with a cap on his head is Ralph Stanley, next the man with the very  good tan, since and due to the nature of his business, as  he has the “Aldrich Roofing Co.” and  is number  “one big brother”  also the sole-owner,  Harry Aldrich, and the man on the right is Lee Aldrich Sr.,  now living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida… just here in Missouri for a month to visit with all the Family… that do not take the time to visit us in Florida! 

We usually plan on  spending a  Summer month in Saint Louis … that includes a Holiday… for at least a full month…for visiting  time with all of the FAMILY.

The first of August is coming up…  so have to wish “LEE,Sr.,”   a very “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”  and hope that he and his brothers are planning on having a big “BIRTHDAY” celebration and more  FUN… just like we have had to do… each year…  when we all got together,  so many years ago,  on  all of our trips, back and forth,  to Saint Louis from Fort Lauderdale, Florida!  D.V.

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