“Why I am the WAY I am”

“MOM” I’m doing a Word Check?

When I was going to school, and had “homework” to do – there is always a word or two that I did not understand – and in some cases couldn’t even begin to spell. 

Well, when you know that your  “MOTHER” knows “WORDS” inside and out…  I would just ask and expect an answer to solve my problem?…  That did not work for me after awhile.

My “MOM” was way ahead of me, she knew that if I did not do some work on my own to find out about the words… on my own… she would be doing me a complete disservice!

So…  for me the message came loud and clear,  “Use the Dictionary” and read as much as possible to improve the brain and learn as I go. That’s what I did.

When I started Collage, and had a list of books to purchase…  I bought them all, and one of them was a very good dictionary. I just love  good books and if I had to put out some good and hard earn money for the books,  you know…  that I was going to have those books,  forever!

So, as I am getting older and reading more,  looking at words,  probably the way that I should have,  a hundred years ago?  When I was younger, I took it easy in my word search,  and did not really do the best job of studying words,  that I could have done…  when I had the time and now … feel guilty about that which…  I did not do,  back then when I was a kid!

One book that is really important for me to read today and daily… is the Bible. In my reading… have to do a real search into the words as written and try to fully understand  them… what the message is that I should be receiving.

As I was reading in Psalms,  came across a couple of words,  that as I was looking at the words, saw another word in that word, and immediately a meaning came to mind. So, that is what I started doing and wrote down a few words.

First…  the word, “SWORD” and immediately saw the inner word, “WORD” realizing,  to use the wrong word to  and or with someone…  it is like using a sword against the other person and perhaps even cut off a very good friendship with some of the mean words, that  I, use toward  a friend, and or family.

The next word on my list is “MOUTH” …  so big that  word “OUT”…  meaning to me that…  good and bad words can come out of our mouths so fast… that before we even think how “hateful” and deceitful and hurting we can be…  and once the words are out of the mouth, they can never be recalled… put back in, and a tremendous amount of damage has truly been done.

In my reading in Psalms, part of the understanding  of, and what I am reading…  is that some of the words used…  are there to hopefully help us to learn a new  and useful lesson, so that we are not killing our family and friends with the words we are currently using.

Mom, since it will soon be your “BIRTHDAY”…  I feel that you are still and  always with me… and that you are still encouraging me to use  only good words… “The King’s Language” …  like you, used to say to me!

“Good Words Never Hurt Anyone” …  and so…  I will always  and forever feel good… “that I did it your way!”

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