“Learn New Lessons Each and Every Day”

“Can you say that,  “YOU” are learning new lessons every day?”

“Are you really trying to LEARN… something NEW each day?”

Just yesterday, I had a piece of furniture sitting in the garage… just waiting for the correct time for me…  to have someone move to the basement. I am guessing that this  was that project…  just waiting and finally yesterday,  well this was the… “D-day… to DO IT!”

As one gets older…this “ONE” forgets that she is no longer “eighteen” and still full of strength and power to move  those heavy mountains. I just seem to think that I can do… that which I was able to do … when my Mother called me…  “Powerful Katrinka!”

A-20G 42-86713 „Powerful Katrinka Milly” from 13th BS, 3rd BG

Douglas A-20G-20-DO Havoc 42-86713 “Powerful Katrinka Milly” from 13th BS, 3rd BG

Yesterday was “D-Day”… you heard people say “Do-It”…well that is what I told myself…I am now going “to do it”… piece by piece!

Into the garage I go… have to open the garage door, some things have to be pulled out of my way,  just so I can see how I am going to do this maneuver all by myself?

Pulled out one drawer and find that it needs some extra care, as that is probably why someone gave this chest of drawers to me… they did not have that which… it takes to return it to the store where they  made the purchase.

There were several things wrong with this piece of furniture, that the store should have taken care of  for the previous owner,  and would have done so…  if this was something that I had purchased, because I do like to let the stores know, when merchandise is not quite up to par!

My son, Al came out to see that which,  I was doing and also  took notice  of those things, that  I had in my hands, that  were in need  of  immediate care, before  my even trying to move… piece by piece… as I was  planning              to do.

So… I took the next drawer out and took it to the basement and came up stairs, and there was another drawer standing on end, inside the door and waiting for me to take downstairs, too. The third drawer was also ready and when I came back up… there was Al with the frame  empty and on a roller cart … ready to be brought in.

We  maneuvered this cart and cargo to the top of the stairs going to the basement and in deciding just  how to do… my Grandson Alan comes in… just at the correct time.

Alan immediately moves a few things this way and that… to have a clear path heading for the stairs to go down… and he being first going down the stairs… was with a heavy end load that … I only wish that I would have  had more time to think about.

It came to me… over night!

Everyone should have an extra set of ropes to use to move heavy loads of furniture up and down stairs… and or anywhere in or out of a house or business.

Regular movers in the business have these ropes that you sling under the edge of the item,  that you are  to move that will also go around your shoulders… and can be adjusted to your  size and your partner will have a set to sling around his portion of the  same item… so that when you are moving something heavy …you are using the stronger parts of the body to  help  in this  heavy maneuver… instead of just using you hands and fingers…and just letting the item that is to be move…just bounce along for the ride!

BEfore moving…  large and heavy items… use your brains  and not your brawn.

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