“Music Moving Feet all in Today’s Work”


Music is the mainstream of all life. If you take time to listen to your world as you travel through the seasons of life, you cannot say … that you hear nothing.  Every step you take on the street where you live, your ears are picking up all kinds of sounds.

Let’s start with the beginning of the day. You or someone in the household has set the alarm clock to go off at a certain time, early in the morning. 

For instance, in my home, my husband had to be at our restaurant to open up and have the coffee urns singing a most wonderful smelling song of that delicious smell of fresh coffee perk,  with coffee perking and customers waiting patiently! 

The sounds of the waitress handling the cups and saucers and the pouring of the coffee, and then the customer adding sugar and cream and all the stirring and sip… sip  and more sipping. Only the best wake up music to the ears, with the eyes, now really opening and now everyone can start doing that “March song” of making the body move so very fast to the office!

Back on the home front, I am fixing breakfast for the boys going to school, and at the same time I hear the baby calling out a distress signal, which could mean “I need to be changed, NOW!”

And then… with that follow-up call to me… will be… “I’m real hungry and I will  feel so much better… when I do not have to wait!”

So, I grab a spoonful of something to energize myself and keep on moving and doing some  pickup of stuff… as I move from room to room, because no step can be made without it being a “Tidy-Up” as I go, since there are all kinds of chores  for  TODAY…that I have planned to do!

This is how the general day starts and every move has a quick step of  a dance… to the sounds of music, because what I hear… keeps me going and doing everything just as fast as I can.

So… It’s either keep in step with the work, that  I’ve planned to do…or find myself  in an overworked  and dragging by the early afternoon?



Music by “Scott Joplin and “Jelly Roll Morton” has the  “beat that I like”  to keep my feet  – up in the air  – moving on “Cloud Nine” as I do my housework! 

“Music  – moves  – these  – feet! ! !”

“It is TIME… for “ME” to get back to  moving my feet and  working… good gravy!”

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