“Remembering the Best Celebrated Halloween Nights Out”

Halloween Time

During the early 40’s, while we were doing our best  — working together to support our men and women in an effort to win WWII,  Halloween took a back seat  –  and I, a little kid, just did as I was told! 

With a small “Victory Garden” and a few chickens, we learned to do without, and be  happy and feel blessed with what we had.

When you are attending school, your teacher informs you of the upcoming  “Holidays”  – what you need to do to celebrate, and just so your parents know how much you know  –  you bring home evidence!

I could draw a big circle and color it orange and cut it out, call it a pumpkin,  and it was  our prize  “Pumpkin” for  the 31st of October, so then…  we could celebrate, “Halloween.”

To this day, I’m surprised to be alive? I was fully “armed” to go out to do “Halloween” with my “Peashooter”  and  “Soap Bar”  and a bag of “Peas” … the required ammunition! 

For me , to put a “Pea” in my mouth, line up ,  in the “Peashooter” … and blow as hard as  a “Tornado”  or “Hurricane” with a dead aim at the neighbor’s windows  –  what a  joke on me?

I hardly had enough “wind”   in me to get my self home!

What ever happened to all the peas… did I swallow half of them?  The “Pea Shooter”  was only an ice cream soda straw! 

I do not believe  even one pea   hit a window?   Till this day  – I still don’t know what …  I was suppose to be doing!

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When, I was a little kid, doing “Halloween,”…   all I knew   was that  couple of  minutes, that…  I saw  in  the “Halloween”  scene… in that movie   – “Meet  Me  in   St.Louis”  and  little  “Margaret O’Brien,” throwing  that handful of flour at an old…“Grump of a Man” and then… running … just as fast as she could!  

Well, I was too scared to ring someone’s   doorbell, and throw anything!

My other  heavy-duty equipment  –  a bar of “Soap”  –  forget me writing on windows  –  doors were out, too   –  someone could possibly open the door  –  grab me  –  and   run me  home in a case of fright,  and… after a hard hand swat to my rear-end!  

Corporal Punishment  for me –  since I was the oldest and should know better –  received my fair  share as I received the blame, when my younger brothers did something they should not have. 

 I  had to learn early – do not get in trouble, keep  my brothers  safe and out of harm’s way  or  I pay the hard way– where it hurts!

So, as followers of the  other neighborhood  kids, we were too short  to use a bar of soap to write on the automobile windows,   we mostly –  would just watch   the bigger kids  – doing dumb  stuff  – and they were thinking  that they were having a whole lot of fun!

The “night” was not over – we went home and turned in our “weapons”  and then…  we were told …. that we could do something… bigger  and better… as my MOM would always have other things to do together!

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Halloween isn’t over  – until you receive “Goodies!”  So, when Mom said  that we  would  be getting  something “Bigger and Better”  –  she knew just what we would like!

We headed out to the shopping area along Florissant Avenue, a couple of streets with a variety  of merchants  – beauty parlour to  a dry clothes type store and everything in between.

We stop at the stores that indicated “Ghosts and Goblins” invited.  Even though, we were welcome to come in and act silly, I was scared stiff and we were the guys that were supposed to be scary!

Would have been nice if we had pictures taken of “Halloween” but those were the days and times to save more and spend less, because of he “War” going on.

We received money in our bags as we were going to some of the “Merchants”  and “MONEY”  is what was in my bag  and so my Mom would save  it… so I would not lose it. 

As we started on the way toward our house, my Mom said we could stop at the  Drug Store and spend the money on Ice Cream, if we wanted?

That was the best  of ideas… on how to end such a fun evening.

We had the “Best   tasting    Ice Cream”   ever…  and it was “Free”   – my first  and best ever remembered Halloween!

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