“Looks like You have the Biggest Turkey”

“Did – You – get too much – TURKEY?”

T-Day 001

The day after “THANKSGIVING”  … will you be  asking yourself…  “Did we get too much Turkey … since we had to go to several homes for dinner, and we were expected to eat as if … we were really… ready for a full- course   feast???”

That’s  the way it goes each year… 

Sometimes…  you are invited for a “SUNDAY Thanksgiving Dinner” … and  then on   “Thursday… Thanksgiving Day” … you are expected to be at three (3) more homes !  

You have to put on  your “HAPPY”  ready to eat lots  more of “TURKEY” face…  and all the time… you are  now feeling so “STUFFED”  … “You are almost feeling like… you are turning into a “Turkey” and being stuff…

You just don’t know …  “where  in the world,  do I, or can I even put  another …  Turkey dinner???

Here’s the solution,  the month before…    YOU start doing without  “LUNCH”  and see if  you  lose a pound or two… and if you  are not losing a pound or two… try a few liquid meals! 

Need to do something faster,   just eat an “APPLE” cut in very thin slices for one meal !  Next day  make  it two  apple meals… you cut-up and start  eating very thin slices of apple!  

 An “APPLE” a day keeps the “DOCTOR” away and you will be regular, too !!!  

It will be, just  for a couple of weeks  and then,  you will start looking so good and  terrific,  that you may want to do the “APPLE” a meal thing,  even  after   “Thanksgiving”  just so you can look and really begin to feel, like that  highly active and creative  person you know you can be… but, only if you  really want???

 The main idea is  to be the “LIFE” of the party at each dinner, enjoy  what you are doing,  take part in everything, everyone will love your company, and  guess what…  they will ask you,  to come back… next year!

“The name of the  – GAME  – is  to  have  “FUN” and share  all  of your past good times …with  more wonderful ideas for all  of the  guests…  hanging on to all those  future plans to have many more Happy days of celebrating Thanksgiving  in future years… 

So…as  this “Thanksgiving”   will also be stored away with all of our most enjoyable days and times for sharing LOVE … one to another and as we are finishing this year,  with just one  more month to go, so…  we will be  adding  more HAPPY OCCASIONS…  to  all  of our HAPPY TIMES….  making that which… we will all call … “HAPPY MEMORIES!”     D.V.

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