“A Thanksgiving Photo of our HAPPY Family”

Thanks for my “Wonderful Family!”


When Thanksgiving Time comes in November… it is a very good time to give Thanks to our Creator,  for all of those wonderful gifts, He gives us to enjoy while here on Earth… no matter where we are and or what we are doing…  He is blessing us, with those gifts that we need at that designated  time … that we are receiving   graciously and using them, just as directed.

Check out in your Bible… Psalm 139.

Thank You – Almighty Yahweh” –  for putting me with  this earthly family – that You knew – that I would be very satisfied with – for all of my “LIFE” here  –  and for me to be a part of  Your Family – for all eternity!  

I do not know, nor understand how all of our living… here on earth – it is a “Mystery”  – not ours to reason why – but to learn and –  to obey Your Commandments and follow Your word in the bible …

Your Manuel  – which has so many nuggets of information  – for us – if we but decide early in “LIFE” to seek You!

This picture is taken in front of the “German St. Vincent Orphan Home” in the 1940s – I am taking this picture – I feel that this is a very good picture  of “MY FAMILY” – and I have always been very proud to be a part  of the “McClarren Family!”   (L to R)   – Tom, brother – Denny, Sr.,  my Father –  Denny Jr., brother – Marie, My Mother.


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