Family Kaleidoscope

In the 1940s I received my first Kaleidoscope – and had more fun watching the change of beautiful designs each and every time – just the slightest touch and or turn – a completely different wonder to behold!

It has been years now, since I have had my hands on a Kaleidoscope – but was thinking about life and family – and can see similarities.

In our FAMILY – I at first was the center of the attention. This information comes from hearing about what I did and looking at old photographs of me, before my brothers and sisters arrived on the scene. My comparison comes from the amount of beads or stones in the Kaleidoscope and as you turn it you see bigger and more elaborate designs.

So, My Family Kaleidoscope is a thumb-nail sketch Legacy to my family of stories with some pictures – every picture tells a story – and the older the photo is a memory that my words today can never really tell or explain.

As Family members are born and develop on the scene of life in this Family – the picture develops and the slightest change of what each of us is doing builds up over time a more beautiful picture and or Family to build bigger and better Family Memories!

In the beginning of my “Grandma’s Stories” there was no special plan of who or what I would be writing about – but only to write about “Stories and Activities” that I remember as “LIFE” takes me on the journey that each of us is on to a more Blessed End – and my beliefs on how to arrive at the best destination – following “The Way” and “The Bible” as the manual

All inquiries regarding any and all that is on the are answered and we love hearing from you!

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