“Have FAITH – Pass it on!”

The radio program that I listen to in the mornings always has something good and inspirational – and it’s  hard to just let it go – without trying to pass a little of it on – so here goes.

The story starts with this man up and on the top part of his roof, it is a slate roof and very steep. He is at the very top area where the TV antenna is attached to the fire-place stack and what he is trying to do is to rotate the antenna pole in such a way, that – he will be receiving a better TV signal. We are lucky, today – that we do not have to do all this work with antennas – since everyone has some kind of “PROVIDER” for excellent reception – that we may not realize there ever having been a problem trying to get better reception as in this man’s personal struggle to hurry and secure the very best signal – that he can obtain?

The problem with this man is that he does not want to miss a minute of the football game that is about to start. He is trying to hold on and reach beyond where he should – trying to rotate that antenna to the position for this TV Channel to bring in the best reception. His over-reach causes him to lose his hold and starts to slide down the roof – so fast – nothing to grab a hold of – is now hanging by his finger tips to the eaves of the roof! This building is three stories high – the ground is a long drop down!

Quickly, looking down – screams. “IS there anybody down there to Help, ME?!” Hanging on is not going to be for long? NO ANSWER. NOW in desperation – This man – now is looking up and in dire need for “HELP NOW” – and with all he can – his situation now is desperate – screams, “Can anybody – UP THERE – HELP ME???” He is now waiting for something with “HOPE” – and coming from the “HEAVENS” above – with a very deep resonant voice he hears, “Believe and Let Go!” Hanging on for dear life and with disbelief of this answer – This man in a last desperate scream –“Is there anybody else – UP THERE?!?” – “That can HELP ME???”

I love hearing “Dr. David Jeremiah” – on the BOTT RADIO Broadcast. This message for today was “What Is Faith” and there were two stories on having FAITH, and what I have written above is my interpretation of the one story – I have tried to tell my sons – but I just do not have the knack for telling stories the way they should be told – but this is one of the best – I hope that I remembered enough of the good stuff to get the message across?

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  • Alyssa says:

    You do too have a knack for telling stories the way they should be told… You’re the best story teller I know!

    Thank you for sharing the good word for the day. 😀

    • Mary Ellen says:

      Thanks for the good word – I do always try to repeat a story – in the way – that it will get the correct message – carried forward.

      Comments are always helpful to continue writing a message that will – inspire another – reader – in the best possible way!

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