What is the GOOD WORD for today?

Some days – when listening to the conversation of the people around me – I have to start wondering – “are they listening to their-selves?” “Is what they are saying – just to get someone to react – and give them a word or two – of some other way to express their selves – and – maybe just take the conversation – somewhere else?”

If my Mother were alive – she would let you know – “under no circumstances – do I want to hear that kind of language!” My Mother knew her words – and there was not a word that she could not spell and when she would take dictation – she could take the entire conversation down in shorthand and then type the whole conversation from her notes – and since she worked for the government – there was not a mistake anywhere! Letter perfect – and without mistakes.

Just listening to a program the other day about WORDS and that there were ten (10) words that are used more often than all the rest of our WORDS. “Once upon a time” – the first four of the ten words – is the beginning of almost   all of the stories that we hear. In fact – as I remember when as a small child – almost every story that – I would start to tell – would start with the “Once upon a time!” Still, today it is so easy to start to tell a story or most any little interesting item of idle conservation with the “Once upon a time” just to start the mouth talking in the fashion of saying something – and letting the listeners know this is a story!

“I LOVE YOU!” Those are the next three (3) words. Since February 14th is just around the corner – “I LOVE YOU” will be communicated at least a million times or more?? Everyone knows that if you can say – “I LOVE YOU” – no matter what you did – either right or wrong you are forgiven – and you are now the best thing, since sliced bread!

“I’m SORRY!” These two words will clear your slate – once and for all causes – no matter what – you are accused of doing – so that now you will be waited on – just as if you are the “KING of Hears!” The only problem with most of us HUMANS – is that we just do not know up front – the miraculous power for the words – “I’m SORRY!” If and when there comes a situation that starts to brew into something that – will soon start maybe WWIII  – “I’m SORRY” will splash water on that fire so fast – and the best  of things  will soon follow.

“I”  – this is the last   “one” word making  up the ten most used words  – and for me to add more to the “I” than to let you know  – something in LIFE  – the only best way to use the “I” – is to say “I LOVE YOU!”    “And  –  the fact is that – –  I do LOVE you!”






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