“Remembering my sister, Karen”


Karen & Jim Scott 001Tomorrow  – the 29th – makes nineteen years since my sister, Karen died.  This was just two weeks before her  50th Birthday and almost  35 years married to her husband, Jim Scott. When one says that LIFE is too short – – must have also experienced  this same thing as someone in the family having everything going for them  – wonderful family  and home and taking vacations to Hawaii – no fear of very long distance flying – and health that was very good. One wonders what really happened?

Is it true that you could be a carrier of cancer and never know it? It would seem to me that there is something – that would call for further attention    – – in the yearly medical exams that one has  – that would surely show up some kind of tell-tale-sign  – -at least giving someone a small clue that something is brewing inside the body – so that  – we could  start getting better medical exams and  the best of advice. What can be done when you and or a member of the family  – is told that –  they have pancreatic cancer?  The only thing my sister was told  -that  – “there is nothing that can done – once it is detected?” “Eight to ten weeks and you are gone.”

As you can see in the above picture of Karen and her husband, Jim  – they are very “HAPPY” and having a very good time in “Hawaii!” –  ” I only wish that my sister,   Karen   could have lived  just a little longer?”


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