“Oh, What a Beautiful Day!”


When it is “SUMMER”  –   may as well get out in the “SUNSHINE” – and strut yourself!  When Mary Ellen says we are going outside and get some “SUN”  – then that is what we are going to do! 

Mary Ellen is my  big sister – and she does not have to work today –  so we are going to take a walk all the  way over to the O’FALLON PARK  – and as we will be walking right pass one of her favorite  “ice cream” shops – – we will each  get a double-dipper ice-cream cone. Mary Ellen’s favorite ice-cream is “Swiss Chocolate” – that is the only kind she likes.  Today I’m going to try the “Butter-pecan” and see if it is as good as they say??? Also, as we will  be walking past all the Shops along Florissant Avenue – and do what we really enjoy doing – that is while we  are enjoying  our ice-cream cones – very slowly – just to make them last till we get to the park.

On our walk back – from the O’Fallon Park  –  we will be checking out what movies are showing at the O’Fallon Theater – –  if there is something good – – we just might go to the movies tonight??  –   –  So,  – it looks like I’ll continue with my singing…   “Oh What a Beautiful Morning … –   Oh, What a Beautiful  Day!”  – “I’m so “HAPPY” because tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!”  “Wow !- WOW-ee!”!”

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