Still Learning

So, when I read to keep your  body in shape and young looking like a million,  and your  brain alert, with  up to-date marbles floating on deck, learn to do something new! Well, that’s just  what I started to do, and I do believe I’m  in 1st grade,  again.

My brain thought “it”  knew everything , but with me trying to write about all the stuff I talk about – I think my report card will not have too many  “gold stars” on it. The one important thing I’m learning is to keep my mouth shut and try to take more notes.  Do you know how hard it is to learn something new, when at my age everything is turning to mush?

But, I am looking at the positive side of this situation, it is good to see young people today knowing so much more than I ever did, and in such a short time. I’ll bet it is because they have been taking “cod liver oil”, and all the wheels and whistles, are so well oiled, everything moves smoothly!

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