Palm Sunday – Holy Week

When we were in the Orphanage – there were a lot of “NEW” things for us to learn – and when  – you are very young – what you are taught – will stick with you – for all  the rest your LIFE! Something that I was aware of when I had left the Orphanage and started High School – it seem that I knew more of the High School course and High School was easy sailing for me – and I’m guessing that was the same for a lot of  us older  Orphans???

When HOLY WEEK started – that would be today – SUNDAY – each of us children would receive a piece of the PALM – that  would be a reminder to us of what the people had in the LIFE and times of Jesus to WELCOME JESUS  – as the new KING of the Jews! The MASS was longer than usual – as I guess we children in the Orphanage were always anxious to be somewhere other than in Church. You would almost think that we had somewhere  “SPECIAL” to be – like in the Army – “Hurry up and then wait!”

I don’t know if on the boy’s side of the Orphanage – the NUNS taught the boys how to make something out of the piece of Palm – that they had received in Church – but on the girl’s side of the Orphanage  – the NUNS taught us – that is  to those  of us  – who wanted to learn how to do something nice  and decorative  and maybe even different – with the piece of Palm  Fronds – and of course I was there to learn. Of course most people just take their piece of the Palm and just balance it across the top of their Crucifix – or split it to put  over more than one Crucifix – as some homes have several places throughout their homes.

Before being placed  in the Orphanage – my Mother would just place the Palm over the top of the Crucifix  – the one that was hanging on the wall – in  her bedroom. That is a good place for the Palm – but if you knew how to role the Palm in small circles by using a straight pin to split each of the pieces – and curling and putting a pin into  it to hold till it is dry – you will  then – have something  decorative  and nice hanging over the Crucifix. Of course when you are going to work with the Palm – you will need to keep it in a wet towel – to keep it soft and flexible to work with.

Some of the NUNS would also show us how to braid the Palm – and by splitting each piece of the Palm- you would have several parts that you could curl some and  or braid some of the other  parts of the one piece and also  make different lengths. When some of the girls had the Palm finished that they were working with  – it looked just like a  fine piece f “ART”  – worthy for display – forever!

It is wonderful to learn different things – and the best time to really learn is – when you are young – as these lessons will last and live with you forever. Since we all are the creations of our Almighty Yahweh – I feel that HE gave to all of us –  all kinds of creative ideas to make good things to enjoy while we are here. Especially  –  very good things that remind us of HIM   and that HE is the only “GIVER of the  Good Gifts” – and to never forget where we get all of the great ideas and  talents to put to  HIS  good  use – for HIS greater Glory.

This is a good week to reflect on where we have been – what we have done – and what are we planning to do with the “HELP” of the ALMIGHTY – to persevere – till we are called HOME!

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