“Cast Iron Lamb Cake” recipe wanted?

This is the week to make a few extra special treats for all of  the FAMILY – to enjoy on Easter!  I do have the “Cast Iron” pans for the “Easter Lamb Cake” – but,  I do not have the “recipe” handy?? The recipe for the “Lamb Cake” that I am looking for – would be the  original recipe that  came with the pans – that – my Aunt Irene Brady Riley used to make her “LAMB CAKE” for us – at least 50 years ago.

The “Easter Lamb” cake pans that I have also belonged to my Aunt Irene Brady Riley – and I never thought  – before now – that it would be a very good idea to keep a copy of the recipe  – with the set of pans – because  – when you have the pans –  in your hands – “where  in the world – is the recipe??” Without the recipe – what can you do??

As a mind-reader – I know  – what you are  thinking and saying – check  it  out  on “GOOGLE” – they have a million recipes! Well, that is what I did.  I went through so many recipes that  – I now cannot make up my mind – as to what –  I want to do?? Some of these recipes just seem to be missing something? It is hard to just try an unproven recipe and then  – just sit back and hope for the best – as the best does not happen on the first try – at least not always. Just as soon as I wrote that line – it came to me – that I did make a new recipe once for the very first time – and it was so good  – that I thought that I would try it a second time. – On the second try – it was terrible – what happened – “I do not know and have never tried that recipe for a third try.”

So, this is what I am going to do. I will start to look through the recipes that are upstairs and in the kitchen area, first – then  – if I still have time before “EASTER” – I will go to the Library down stairs and sit at the library table and start with the first bookcase – that is the one that has nothing but cook books and recipes. Then –  I have boxes with recipes – from the beginning of  all time  – my Mother’s – my Father’s  who was a CHEF, and I could just ask him, (I wish) –  because he knew all about cooking and baking and then I will check out all of  Aunt Irene’s recipes . Of course there are boxes of recipes from everywhere and anywhere  – as recipes are the one thing that I like to save, collect  and check out for ideas – it is so fascinating  – “how you can do so much  – with so little and  with the basic same items – when you can use your own imagination??”

So, it looks like I have a lot of work ahead – that will  keep me so busy – but what I am also thinking,  is that  – I  MIGHT – JUST FIND SOMETHING EVEN BETTER  – THAT I WILL TRY – AND  then – WHENEVER I DO FIND  THE “lamb cake” RECIPE – I JUST MIGHT MAKE IT  –  even – IF IT ENDS UP  –  IN THE MIDDLE OF Summer – so be it. To me, CAKE is CAKE – and when I make a “CAKE” – I am always interested in other ways that – just maybe a little more of this or that and add some of this and change that – “WOW”  – “I’m so lucky to have to eat the mistakes – and at the same time – enjoying every minute of it!” “It is so good to have tasty “mistakes” that taste so good!  – Even though you have half  of a good  idea – maybe others – would not think so – but you never can tell – as I’ll bet  – that others eat their “MISTAKES” – too???”         “HOW about YOU???”*****

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