Denny … the Teenager…


Denny… now enrolled at the DeAndries  High School and planning on going to work after school. 

When you think back…the good times that were available to all of the residents in and around the “Sportsman’s Park” – Grand Boulevard and Dodier Street – North Saint Louis –  – the Browns and the Cardinals Ball teams  – playing  and everybody going to see who will win and be the “Champ” –   – – Well… there was a good job – just waiting for you  – if  you were willing…  as they…  needed hard workers –   young  and energetic men who move fast and wanted to make money! DENNY was one of the best workers, that they ever had – he could work fast and hard – he would  do more than his share of work – they always had work for him!

You have to be ready for work on the days  – that there were no “GAMES” being played in Saint Louis… so Denny had another part-time job working at an ice cream  parlor – I think it was called McGrath’s. If there was work  to be done … Denny was there for the job – and he always  did a very good job – at everything. 


While taking pictures – – may as well take a few…just for FUN – and am I ever glad to have these old photos – – as a photo is the best source for the old memories to get registered into the brain – as one does tend to forget  – – especially if there is no physical reminder!

This is ME – –  with my younger brother,  DENNY.   WOW – this dress style  – the skirts were sure long enough – – I know they went up and down several times since the above photo was taken!  When I first started into the High School program – it was at “Rosati-Kain” – and you will find me in my school uniform – somewhere in an old posting.  Also… when it came to working after school – – there were plenty of places for me to work –  –  one place on North Grand Avenue  – – the Tower Dime Store –  – I remember so well – – – there was a customer asking me for a specific “game” – and after looking all over for it and I could not find it… I went back to the customer and said,  “Sorry we do not have that “GAME’ available!”

The owner  – could not get to me fast enough – and said, “YOU never ever tell a CUSTOMER – – that we do not have something – YOU will say that we will order it … and take their name and address!”  – – That is “ONE” lesson that I had to learn –  – and  – since my feelings  were hurt – –  I quit! 

Sure glad that I did not feel too sorry for myself – I went and got a better job at the “Woolworth Co., on Grand Boulevard and Olive Street”  the biggest  “Five and Ten Cent Store” in the Saint Louis area.Working there was great  – – rode the “Trolley Cars” back and forth to work  – and the area was loaded with the best of everything – – back then  – that was the area just filled with people coming and going in all directions – the “MAIN HUB”-  – – the “FOX Theater” was down the Street  and still  there  – a couple of other important businesses,  of which –  I can no longer remember their names… and Restaurants for everyone and anyone.

When you think of it… everybody was having lots of FUN – so busy working – coming and going –  – and I am Grateful and Thankful – that –  I still  can remember  – – so many good times – – that we all had,  back then!




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