“Remembering some early times…”


This is now in the back yard – – 

Since this is the week before EASTER – – have to remember the things   and times of what was going on – – as in  the  above  photos  – –  there were areas where  – – the three of  us…DENNY is  on the swing – – and by holding on and standing – – he was able to have FUN – – just swinging himself – – back and forth. He could have the swing – – and swing and or  not swing – – and with no one else – to want to do something else – – we all  played in peace.

That is  “ME”  sitting on DENNY’s  favorite chair… but since we are having our picture taken…I am in the area …where it looks as if I am in charge of everything – – by yelling at whoever is taking the pictures – – just to sure that I am not left out of the FUN!   As the eldest – – I  am guessing that I could let everyone know what I was thinking – – – as I still have a strong tendency…  to let everyone know – – the way to do some thing and of course the right way – – which would be my way!  (Going MY WAY – – is the RIGHT WAY!)

Can not forget our baby, TOMMY… and if you are looking  closely and into the back ground – you can see a “play pen”  where little TOMMY would spend a lot of time – especially when the adults would be occupied doing something – – as TOMMY would have a way of wandering off – – and as young as he was – – did not want  him  getting into the street – – not that  there  was a “whole”  lot of traffic – – back in those days – – and of course there was a wooded area – – that we could go into – when no one was looking – – and of course if we got caught – – that would mean we were in big trouble – – especially  “ME” – – because I was always suppose to be keeping an “eagle eye” on my brothers – – just in case???

“JUST in CASE” – – back then – – there was always the possibility of something happening – – and of course – I was the one “who”  would have been the “one” to catch the  “trouble”  for it – – since being older – – I should have known better!  Aren’t  you  glad – – that you were not ME – – as the “fall guy” for  – – – any and all unexpected   mysterical   happening???

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