“What To Do – HOW – When – WHY?”

When do we   — know  – – WHO WE ARE… – – In the beginning of our LIFE – – we are in the HANDS of OTHERS – – It is  in  their  complete directions – – it is – in and of  –   their “DREAMS and WISHES” – – that most of us are instructed in – – to  – –  do some thing…  GREAT or even SMALL – –  but –   their way  and basically in their   “old”  shoes! 

So…here are some thoughts – – – to ask ourselves

What in the WORLD are we doing – – NOW and WHEN – -WHAT are we waiting for?


                     …that life offers you an amazing opportunity 
                    in every single moment to see and experience
                                  Who You Really Are.


                 Watch yourself this day.  Just watch yourself.  Look at
                   what you are doing moment to moment…and why.
                     Ask yourself in the midst of it, “What does this
                     have to do with my real reason for being here?
         Is this what I have come all the way to the Earth to experience?”
                     If the answer is a resounding Yes, keep doing it.
                                If the answer is No, ask yourself,
                              “What in the world am I doing?”
                     Look at the words and consider them literally.
             What-in-the-world-am-I-doing?  What am I involved in
               every day, and what does this have to do with my soul?
                             It’s just a question…just a question…

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