“Child’s Room – Redecorated!”

Picking up from yesterday’s – –   “5 Ways to inspire your kids”  – – this is my story helping to create the bed room for my son – – the way he wanted  – – with  his help – –  the changes  we all  liked.

5. Buy Less, Create More
Necessity is the mother of invention. Redecorate your child’s room with what you have or find at thrift stores or garage sales. The more your child is involved, the better he or she will feel about the results.

My son may have been in the  5th or  6th grade – – and at that time I was changing different rooms – – either just painting the walls  and    or some rooms  – –  did some extra special  decorating with new foil  “WALL PAPERS” – – and then there was a wall that I decorated with twelve inch square mirrors – – and that  change …  really  seem to increased the sense that…  the room was much larger.

So… on one  of my trips to the hardware store…  to check out some “NEW”  ‘wallpapers’  – –  my son  also wanted to go  – – to  check out some ‘new wallpapers’ for his bed room. When you have the  TIME  – – to just look through lots of  sample  books … so many different styles and things to see – –   and to think about  – – – and so many good ideas – – in just looking at the  new and up-to-date  designs – – and then for children’s rooms – – and for the “teen child” – – all I can say is… WOW!

My son found some  wall paper designs …  that  were  all in black and white  papers – – because  these designs  were a  variety of  old  movies … with  some “movie stars” that he liked. So… NOW with his ideas of how he would like to see his bed room changed – – together  we planned for the one wall opposite the window wall would be the one…  to be papered with the new wall paper,  The two  other walls… each had a closet and the opposite wall had a large built in closet with shelves.

Our plan was to paint  black  the area on the walls not being papered – – and all the wood work in the room to be painted white. We also did find some black and white sheets  and pillow cases and we  also found  some red throw pillows and a bed spread in a nice shade of red and  one does need  a change – – there was also a bedspread with the  same colors red. white and black – – so we thought that was just terrific – –  when  we were all done with his bedroom – – – we enjoyed   being  so involved  working together.

 Just have to say…  that this was the start of so many more projects that we did together – – and the best part  – – was always the fun and enjoyment that children and parents have – – when ever they PLAY and WORK … together!

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