“The MEN in BLUE – Working…”

When ever I see … “MEN in BLUE” – – I know that we can feel safe – – because … just their presence at any event – – indicates to the large crowds – – that if anything at all happens – – we  will have  the “MEN in BLUE” right there  – – they will know exactly what to do – – should there be a need – –   and…  all will safe and secure.

Officer Lee 001

This  is an old PHOTO – – could be at least sixty years ago – – and on the right side  –  standing is LEE ALDRICH with the Fifth District… and the back side of  this   photo … does not have the name of the Police Officer standing   on the left side – –  and no note  as to this event.

Just was thinking that – – when there will be a large event to take place  – – it is always a very good idea to have SECURITY GUARDS   to work at your event – – so that everyone taking part in the event and  all of the paying guess to this event will feel safe and secure.  In the above PHOTO… something that caught my eye was the   revolvers on the POLICE OFFICERS’s hip. Just seeing that  the GUARDS  at this event are armed – – and that they are POLICE OFFICERS – – means that this should truly be a secure event.

What really makes you feel safe at any event is the fact  – – that the vehicle you came in and had to park… could be blocks  away from where you will be enjoying an event – – but more than that – – is the situation … when events – – that are in the evening – – and sometimes in the late hours – – when it is very dark – and you are now in need of finding your car – – you could feel all alone  – – but then… there is an OFFICER with a large flash-light – – and  ready in a moment to give you all the HELP that you need.

This is just a memory of   LEE ALDRICH – – and all that he meant to me – -but   now is no longer here – but his birth date will never be forgotten!

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