“Where… has my “Little Dogie”… gone?”

Like I have said … “A Photo is worth a thousand words” – – and just looking at this PHOTO of  a very young “Tom McClarren” – – well there are at least enough words  – – to make a story.


In the PHOTO…. You see a very young and good looking young man – – and since this PHOTO was found in our AUNT IRENE’s prayer-book – – I can understand her special LOVE for “TOMMY” as she always called each of us by our full name.

Since our Aunt Irene’s … one and only son little Bernie was hit  by a drunken truck driver – –  this happening when “BERNIE” was only ten years of age – – almost killed Aunt Irene.

LIFE comes to each of us with  at least  – – “one hundred and one” situations – – some good and then others – – which we do need to address with a set of rules – – that only each individual can at the time… understand – – and   then…. some tines we receive “GIFTS”  so good – – that we just do not know how to figure out – – “What did we do…  to deserve this extra special  “LOVE TOKEN?”

So… In our Aunt Irene’s life – – she found that which she  thought she would never again have  –  a substitute son… in Tommy – – and so when I found her personal prayer book… after her death – – the above PHOTO of young TOMMY – – in some pages that  our  AUNT IRENE – – read daily  – – and always having this  PHOTO of TOM – – as the best substitute  for her own son, BERNIE. 

Having this PHOTO of young TOMMY – – I feel was one thing that kept AUNT IRENE living – – in a healthy condition – -into her eighties – -in good shape to travel and also live in her own home – – just the way a person can do – – when they are content with the GIFTS that we receive from our CREATOR!

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