“Gift-Giving” at “Schnucks Grocery Store”

When you get to be my age…never  gave it a  second thought…  that I would be … as old as I am – – because…  there is still … a very  young – –  “18 year old”  – – running around  – inside this old – –  “bag of bones” – –  still trying to do … that which…  “she” used to do!

So… the other evening… my son, Al said  that he had somewhere to go – – did I need to go anywhere? Well… of course I did want to get some things for the… “Thanksgiving Dinner”  – – and  “if”… he would be going near the  “Schnucks Store” he could  just drop me off – – for a few minutes??? So… I grab my store notes and purse – – have to wear a coat – – as it was getting cold – – and when outside – – it had started to rain – – what a combination of weather to have to go out and…  into  – – but  – “Thanksgiving DAY” was only two days away!

 In the store… I have the  “SCHNUCKS STORE” sales  for the week with me – – the items that I was interested in – all circled  -putting different things in my basket – forgetting to mentally keep track of how much I was getting  – in dollars – as I had cash  to use first… with me – – and would then… put the rest on my bank card.

NOW… in line to pay for the groceries – – and when the young man behind the counter gave to me the total – – I began to count out the cash… and ask how much more – – will put the balance  on my card – – – There I am…  looking through every thing in my purse… – can not find my “card” – Almost turn my purse up-side-down – – but… every kind of CARD not the right “CHARGE” CARD!

Pulled out my check book… and ask the “Clerk” – “what was the amount again… I’ll write out a check for the balance?”   The young “Clerk” said as he was wrapping up my “register receipt” – -“There is no balance!” – – –  I replied to him, “But you said… ” there was a balance” –  – and I am ready to write out a check!”

The young CLERK – -hands me the wrapped up ticket – and said… “It is all paid up- – for you!” – – To that … I said “How can that be???” He is  NOW… looking down the row of customers –  in this line… without saying “WHO” – “It has been taken care of!”  So… I turn to the next customer in line and start to “Thank him!”  That man backs …  out of the way of the customer, “WHO” is  behind him,  and … just pointing to the woman behind him – – so I  then … move down the row…  to thank her – – and I just get carried away with many  “THANK YOU’S!”

My last words — –  and so as to not block customers any longer  – – reached out to “HER” – -and said…  “May the Almighty Yahweh Bless you –  exceedingly more than you would ever expect – – I am surely Grateful and Thankful!” —  I was so nervous – – could hardly believe what had just happened  – to me – in the store – – such generosity – never ever happened to me  – nothing  just like this.

Pass it on…” there are daily MIRACLES!”


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  • Grandma!!

    This melts my whole heart!

    This story makes me want to go out of my way each day to find a way to HELP another in need.

    What a generous act of compassion and kindness. I am inspired very deeply, so THANK YOU for sharing.

    It is now the gift that will keep on giving, as I have now been inspired to live in that same giving manor that you just explained.

    Sending blessings out into the whole world today… May everyone’s heart be filled with joy, gratitude and compassion for others.

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GRAMMY!!!! Cannot wait to celebrate with you next weekend. Our family means the world to me and I am abundantly thankful for my wonderful Grandma, A #1 forever!

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