“Do YOU SEE… What I SEE?”

“WHO in the world… are you?”  – – “DO YOU guys know “WHO” –  I AM???”


“MEOW… MEOW… MEOW… Could you spare some thing good …  to eat… for my  little family of baby kittens???


“Sure am glad…  that I found this “PAD” – – this is like “HEAVEN” – – we all have our own living quarters – – so close together and we are “all”  right here on the “deck” – – so we all get fed first… way before all  of the animals in the fields!




“Does that look like… that  old “TURKEY” that was strutting all around this place – – just like he owned this place?

“yesterday… now…  that I think about it – – I did not hear him waking everybody up – – so….. early in the morning? Some days “HE” would   strut  around this place like he  owned it and would  cackle  – – like the “SUN” was coming  “UP”  –  – at all times of the day!”

“There were days when “YOU” would not know…  when to wake up – – guess the  “People” here – – just had enough of him – –  they must be taking that  “NOISE MAKER” out of him?”

“P.S.”  – – Just so everyone will know – – they have a “TURKEY DAY” – – just to stop all of that getting woke up – – at the wrong “TIME of  DAY” – – just so you all know!

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