First Sunday in ADVENT…cont’d”

The first “SUNDAY” in ADVENT – – was a very important time for “ORPHANS” – – at the HOME where we were…  as well as other “Children Institutions” in the Saint Louis area. If ever there was a “TIME” in a child’s LIFE – – that will always be remembered – – it will be the “TIME” leading up to  “CHRISTMAS” – – because … there seems to be such  “mystery”  and at the same time… some “great expectations” – – just the waiting with “HOPE” for a miracle!

This trip to the “FAMOUS BARR” store – – had all kinds of suspense in it – – as for new “orphans”  – – who had not been there before…  for this big “Christmas OUTING” for lots of children – – across the Saint Louis area – – this was almost like the best “DREAM” a small child could ever have – – and it would happen again, next year,too!

When  the LIVE Show on the stage finished and the Cartoons  and the “THREE STOOGE MOVIE”  and also lots of Christmas songs having been sung – – – we were instructed on another special part of this visit to  the work-shop of “SANTA” in his “Winter Wonder Land” – – with all kinds of people dressed as “SANTA’s ELVES” – – and it looked like we were really up at the “NORTH POLE!”

The “Elves’ were directing the boys and girls according to age to small windows in the “NORTH POLE” station – – someone asked your age… and then would hand to you – – a  Christmas wrapped gift – – and directed you into another lane to follow – – to where you would be going down the escalators… to the ground floor to where our group had one more surprise.

As each one of  us… would hop off the moving steps… there  were more of  “SANTA’s Helpers” all dressed so special – – and with their arms just full of “stockings of CANDY” hanging … with very quick moves – – each child received a nice stocking.  And…  as each of us children would move past one of these “Elves” – – we  took  the “STOCKING full of CANDY” – – and did our eyes ever light up in a hurry! Still moving and on a pretty fast  pace – – we were directed to the area where our “Grey-hound BUS” was waiting – – and motors all running – – just sounded like being in another world.

Back on the “BUS” and headed for the Orphanage – – we were all talking about everything that had happened. The one thing you could notice  – – that so many of us, kids – – were holding on to the CHRISTMAS GIFT and that stocking full of CANDY!  There were a few of the children  – – that did have to open their GIFT – – and even some that opened their “Stocking of Candy” – – that was something that I just could not do. – I figured that… “I will keep the gift and Candy  stocking – – just as they are – – and wait till CHRISTMAS” – –  since this was ADVENT – – and we had a lesson in school about making sacrifices and doing without some things – – in the expectation of  Christmas.

The “First SUNDAY of ADVENT” was always one of the best things that ever happened to an ORPHAN – – at least in my book – – to have the FUN of the surprise  – – the gift and candy stocking – the day back and forth on the BUS – – singing CHRISTMAS SONGS – – and so much to tell my parents… when I would see them for CHRISTMAS!

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