“When WAR is Declared… YOU Enlist to Serve!”

“WHY… WAR? “What will a “WAR” – – remedy?” 

Dad Service Photo 001

“TODAY” – – is one of those “DAY’s” that we will remember – – and forever – – just because  “AMERICA” was attacked  and without warning??? – – Today  – – we let the  “Whole Wide World”  know we are sending our men and women to attack another Country – – and they are prepared – – to defend their Country – – and we call that “WAR” – – and if you check the records – – we have been at “WAR” – – forever!

“What is it about “people” – – that we can not live in “HARMONY” with others and other Countries?”  “WHY  is it… that we all  are so easily offended … and must seek revenge by  declaring “WAR” – –  is it that we are so jealous of others – – to have something – – that we do not have?” “Would it not be better to share and be “HAPPY” that our neighbors are doing well – – and that we can share our “HAPPINESS” with our fellow-man – – instead of thinking that we must covet our neighbor’s  possessions – –  as we…  all are well provided for by our CREATOR – – for the very  short “TIME” that we will be here on earth?” 

In the vary short  TIME – – that we are here – – and this is from my MOTHER – – she said a million times or more – – “We come into this world with NOTHING – – and we shall definitively ” LEAVE” this world the vary same way… empty handed – – there just is no-way we can take anything  – – that is in the material way from earth to our “JUST REWARD.” – – She would continue – – just so that I would remember and…  forever – – “YOUR reward for what you have done with your “LIFE” here on earth … will be stored up in the “HEAVENLY REALM” – – by our CREATOR and in the MANSION that…  will also be provided – – for our trusting in HIM and doing good for each of our  brothers and sisters… here on this temporary testing ground.”

“So… to “ALL” those that served – –  when they were called up  – – and also  to those…  that immediately volunteered to fight   – – when WWII was declared – – I was only a small girl… but we soon stared to do our part on the “HOME FRONT” – –  providing…   everything needed for the “WAR” effort – – let us put an end to “WAR”  and  let it be – NOW!”

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