“Announcement – Boston FIVE – Detective”

“Dr. Aldrich… Come to Surgery!” “code blue” *********”

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“Queen  of the  1940’s MOVIE Screen!”

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“Our new member to join our  Detective Services… from “SCOTLAND YARD” – – also known as … “Det. Boston Five” from their Fifth District – -has been able to solve many of their closed cases!” 

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When on assignment and working with the Secret Service – –  special protection for the “QUEEN of England” – using only the the “CODE NAME… ALA” – – be ever mindful – she does know a thing or two – – when it comes to solving the unsolvable!

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“Remember to give our full cooperation – – to all and any requests that are made – – this message comes to us via the highest of  priority  channels – – remember our FULL cooperation is needed!”

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