“Memorial Day” My Brother, DENNY, JR.


“Thank your Serviceman” – on Memorial Day!

DEN & ME 001

My brother Denny H. McClarren Jr. – on home leave from “Redstone  Arsenal”  –   Huntsville, Alabama – –  he has  the best and biggest of smiles – –  he sure is happy to be on leave and at last home!

My thoughts are that on this “Memorial Day” weekend – we should all give to every “Service Man  and Woman” – a truly  heartfelt   THANKS – –  and a blessing in the name of the Almighty – that each of these young people who are defending this –  America – for us to have Freedom and Prosperity – that we can only receive – if and when we are grateful and continue to daily pray  to the Almighty Yahweh – since there are so many situations  – – that if we do not get together   in “United Prayer”  – –  we may not continue to have  the United States   of America!

During WWII – as a very young and  little girl – I remember hearing  every day  – in Saint Louis, Missouri – – on  radio station   “K.M.O.X” and at “twelve o’clock noon” – “Kate Smith”  singing… “God Bless America” – – –  this song is a prayer and we should  – and need to sing it as a prayer  – to protect all of the young   people  – – today – who are signing up to serve –  America  – and in some cases  – even having to give their –  LIFE – the ultimate gift  – that they can give –  –  and so…  we need to pray  NOW – like never before  – – for their daily protection!

“D.V. – – The ALMIGHTY willing – – someday we will not  need to send our young people to WAR – – maybe…   we could learn to live with each other… and live in PEACE?”

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