“1947 Sparton Radio – instead of record player”

The best time in all the seven years of my LIFE – – of being an ORPHAN – – would be – – when “VISITING SUNDAY” would finally get here!  At first in the Orphan Home there was only one Visiting Sunday a month – – and then that was increased to the second and fourth    SUNDAY of the month. 

So NOW…after the “record Player” was sent back to “FAMOUS BARR STORE” – – I had to wait till my MOTHER would be out to see us – – and ask for a radio – – since there was no hope of using the records at home on  a record player – – but would MOM want to go to the expense to buy one – – and would it be something that would be approved of by the NUNS?

When my MOTHER would come to visit us – – she would always bring a shopping bag of all kinds of good stuff – – especially some of the things that I would ask for – – on a “POST CARD”  – – a regular grocery list – – sent just the week before visiting day. I liked “Hi HO Crackers” – – “Bosco Chocolate Syrup”   – – “Sardines”  ans “Grapefruit” – – and sometimes my MOM would  also bring a pan of homemade “FUDGE” – – which was always the best.  And… since my MOTHER was a saver of “mail” – – she had some of my old “POSTCARDS” – – and  of course – – years later going through stuff – – when moving – – found some of these old cards – – and still have somewhere – – just good old memories… today!

“Visiting SUNDAY” – – “WOW” – – Now I have to sell my MOM on the idea of getting me a portable radio – that I can plug in – – when I can – but be able to play when not  near any electric outlet?  The good radio stories that they had on radio in the 1940 and 1950’s were terrific  – – the same as we would listen to when we were home – – and then they had “MUSIC”  – – the “TOP FIVE” hits – –  and one song, the  “Twelfth Street RAG” – – which I would like to dance to – – as did some of the other girls in my class – – and even some of the older girls.

Then there was was someone around – – as always some of the other kids had no Visitors – – and always enjoyed being around my MOM – – as she always had lot of good stuff to say – – just like I do today – – part of living is always  to enjoy having FUN and LAUGHTER – -makes one feel good – – even though they are not where they want to be. BUT… someone that liked the listing to the Ball GAMES” – – which I was not really “big” on doing – – and when my MOM heard that – – she said that she was not interested in getting a radio for that. – – so I had to really turn the conversation around – – and ended up promising that – – I would not waste my time listening to ballgames!

So… when my MOM left us that vising Sunday – – I really did not know if she would – – or would not buy a radio for me – – just had to start praying that – – she might – – 


“WHO says that” PRAYERS” – – are not answered?”

The next “VISITING SUNDAY” – – here my MOM is with a brand new portable radio  – – just like the PHOTO… below!

Sparton 6AM06

This “Sparton Radio” looks just like the one I had – – it took a couple of days to recall the name – – of course the one above has been restored – – but the one that I had – – had no problems with and had for a good many years – – and in moving  – – well I guess someone must have like it better than me – – and helped their selves to it.

“Can you dance this fast?”

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  • What sweet memories!!!! I can so imagine you as a little cutie selling your ideas and dancing to the top hits. You have always been such an observant and grateful person. I love you soooooo much!

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