“Birthday Parties have EVERY THING with Surprises”

As a GRANDMA – – that likes to be at the  “BIRTHDAY PARTIES” given for the GRAND-CHILDREN – –  and the “PARTY” includes a sleep-over of the invited children – –  always remember…   just do not be too surprised when strange things…  just seem to … happen!

When the  BIRTHDAY Party – – – ran its course – – all afternoon – – then into the evening  hours – – which includes some time before going to bed – – being spent in the “HOT TUB” for those that love the water – – finally sleep.

Early the next morning – – before everyone had  breakfast – – I took some time out on the sofa…  and checking my list of games the girls and I would be playing – – –  I was surprised  with … two early risers… “Alyssa and Jaime”  – –  they  had to check and see what I had planned for the days’ activities???

As I was reading my schedule – – something flew by – – and made a  “NICE”  landing on the top of my head. Since I still had my bobby-pin curls – – I must have looked like a good old familiar tree…  for the FAMILY’s  friendly “Cockatiel”  – – to just sit on the top of my head – – like this was the best “SEAT” in town~!

Nothing to do – – but to rush and get the camera – – take…  A PICTURE OF “grandma” WITH THE  FAMILY PET BIRD – – enjoying a new resting spot.

This PHOTO is the best – – and to think that I did not … immediately…  jump up…  and   with the arms flying   around – – scare the poor old bird. – – The old “BIRD” took a real liking – – as some would say… “shine”  to the “OLD GRANDMA”



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